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About I-Future Proof Community

What is the i-Future Proof Community?


This community is for individuals who want the core systems we rely on today to work and are proactively seeking to influence and shape a future that harnesses AI-centric technologies, to underpin and deliver a human-centric value impact that serves human well-being and equality.

Our community is free to join and welcomes only those willing to collaborate and contribute, with a strong intention to make a difference or become an effective change agent. 

What we offer....

  • Live learning packages (free and subscription)
  • Interactions: connect, meet and join discussions, increase your understanding of the threats and opportunities, shape your purpose and learn how the Digital Value Capture tools will help you future-proof yourself and increase your net worth
  • Digital Value Capture Toolkit: everything you need to capture and leverage the opportunities
  • Learn how to use the tools through self-paced modules; and
  • Bring your live gig and get support through attendance coaching and mentoring.

Future-proofing learning

What will be the value of a human being in the 'new normal' that awaits us? Learn how you can future-proof and remain relevant in the 'new normal'.

Free 12 month program

As part of our program, you'll have the opportunity to engage in weekly surveys, quizzes, chats, and feedback sessions. These interactive elements are designed to enhance your learning experience and encourage active participation. 

Live 30-minute video stream and Q&A exploring all the critical aspects of a structured 12-month agenda that will enable you to understand better what differentiates you from AI, how you could get above the pay grade determined by AI for work-related tasks, see the possibility of experiencing a state-change where the improbable becomes the possible and morphs into the probable just by discovering and sharing the knowledge of what works.

Request to join

Book a 15-minute video chat with the founder, Stephen Alexander, who has created a short five-question survey that will provide him with some indicators to consider before you chat. You will also have time for a few questions to help you get going and leverage the most value from becoming a member.

Stephen Alexander

Your host and industry expert, Stephen Alexander, has had 36 years of experience working at the bleeding edge of converging digital-centric systems, working alongside many household names pioneering what has become, or is fast becoming, the new normal for business systems and consumers. 

Stephen's day job has centred around predicting the type and magnitude of the value impact on people and interconnected systems when a new type of solution is introduced to address a problem or achieve an aspirational objective. 

Jo Lubin co-founder of WEB3 Ethereum Blockchain and founder of Consensys, asked Stephen to predict what the market value would be over ten years of tokenising the new classifications of digital assets that could be generated by Web3 & emerging digital laws and captured as a tradable legal artifact (digital property under UK common law) using his DVC® Framework. Stephen presented his findings, estimated at over US$65 trillion, and provided process and impact maps demonstrating how this could come about. At the time, Jo Lubin was pumping over US$11 million per month into WEB3 start-ups, where Stephen was tasked to create a new venture assessment, decision, and digital asset rights capture model that incorporated the use of smart legal and social self-executing, machine-readable contracts that could automate entire supply chains.

Stephen's passion has always centred around communities of common interest, and following his published prediction about the internet in 1994 in a special 14-page UK supplement to the Guardian, in collaboration with and written by John May, he was catapulted from obscurity to prime-time TV to be challenged on every aspect, including being flown to the USA to meet  Bill Gates who tried to convince him that the internet would not work and that he would build his own. (Access the full article in the Free Library)

By 2001 Stephen predicted that the next big thing to impact people would be when legal and financial instruments are embedded in what would become intelligent neuro-networks. He predicted that for the first time in our human history, new types of connected crowds would aggregate their collective purchasing power to match the 1% who own and control the supply chains. 

More recently, as an Adjunct Professor, teaching MBA students at the Hult International Business School where he was asked to conceive, design, and teach a seven-week module that incorporated the Divital Value Capture® and i-Future Proof into the Hult Future Proofing Challenge to 1000 international students from over 20 countries, as part of the Bachelor of Business Administration program, which won the award for Innovation in Higher Education at the Merits Summit & Awards in 2023.

Next step - Stephen's program will provide sufficient insight to radically disrupt how and why business works today via the Crowd Maker approach. In turn, it will unlock some of the predicted US$65 trillion of yet-to-be-minted digital assets.